"Avant Garde Fantasy” Shoot for the Texas School of Professional Photography. Point of contact is Hector’s Images Photography IG @hectors.images
The photographer will be Phaneendra Gud. Phaneendra, known as “PG” by his friends and clients, is a Portrait artist located in Plano, TX. He is a published photographer and has won national and international awards for excellence in Portrait photography. PG is known for his fashion oriented soulful images . He is currently the President of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association.
PG will be conducting a lighting/retouching class at this year's Texas School. Creative team will be provided images shot by PG. PG will use images for upcoming International Print Competition. Students will also provide images to the models and will be used for their re-touching portfolios.

PG is a PPA Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, Certified Professional Photographer and Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert.
Mood board(s) below


Wednesday, April 26 Call Time 11AM (Model 1) and 12 Noon (Model 2)


Camera Ready Studios, 2155 Chenault Dr #509, Carrollton, TX  (not visible from the street)

Elizabeth Rist IG @elizabethristmua

Braylee Flaska @brayleeflaskadesigns

Model 1 (Look/Pastel look)- Esther Chapman IG @estherchampmann
Model 2 (Dark look) - Macey Reed IG @maceymae5


11:00a  Esther and rest of the creative team arrivals & set up
11:20    Elizabeth begins straight beauty hair & makeup look for Esther
12:00p Braylee dresses Esther for beauty look (Light look #1)
12:00  Macey arrives.
12:10   Class begins shooting beauty look
12:20  Elizabeth begins Macey's editorial makeup & hair
1:40    Braylee dresses Macey
1:55    Class begins shooting "dark look"
2:00   Elizabeth begins Esther for "light look" #2
3:00  Braylee dresses Esther for "light look" #2
3:15    Class begins shooting "light look"#2
4:45    Wrap

Special Instructions for HMUA

1st look- Glamour consistent with the dark theme . Include eyeshadow that compliments model's eyes. Pink lip. Down flowy and wavy.
2nd look- Glamour consistent with the light theme . Include eyeshadow that compliments model's eyes. Pink lip. Down flowy and wavy.

Special Instructions for Stylist

1st look- Dark fantasy- flowy gown including a head dress
2nd look- Light fantasy- flowy gown including a head dress

Please bring wardrobe on hangers to avoid excessive wrinkling

Include accessories, bracelets, necklaces, ear rings, sunglasses, hats, etc.

Special Instructions for Model(s)

Model will bring basic model bag that includes:
- makeup kit
- nude & black undergarments (Include tube top or similar for off the shoulder looks and/or body shaping if required)
- brush/comb
- baby wipes
- phone charger
- snacks & bottled water.

Bring a variety shoes appropriate for styles shown here i.e. heels (no wedges).

Nails clear or freshly painted and coordinated with wardrobe. Be prepared to have bare feet in the images. 

Moodboard (images not mine and for inspiration only)

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