"Portfolio Development"  Shoot with Hector’s Images Photography IG @hectors.images 
This shoot will create editorial "Vogue" like images to be used for social media and self promotion by creative team.

Mood board below

Thursday, February 29 call time 1:00 PM

400 Fall Creek Drive, Richardson, TX (studio at Hector’s Images residence). 

Jay Ridings IG @muajayridings


Model will style own clothing. 

Talula Balboa IG @talulabalboa

12:45p Hector preps studio
1:00 Talula arrives for makeup and styling
2:00 shoot time in natural light (1st look Denim)
2:30 Break/Makeup & Hair touch-up/ wardrobe
3:00 shoot time on location (2nd look Legs)
3:30 Break/Makeup & Hair touch-up/ wardrobe 
4:00 shoot time on location (3rd look Coat/Lingerie)
4:30 Wrap/upImage review

Special Instructions for HMUA
1st look- Fresh Light smoke eyeshadow that compliments models eyes. Pink lips glossy (not matte). Hair natural
2nd look- Daytime glam. Soft smokey eye look. eyeshadow that compliments models eyes. Include lashes and contouring of facial features. Pink lips glossy (not matte). Hair natural
3rd  look- Touch-ups only. Hair model's choice

Special Instructions for Stylist
Models will bring own clothes. Wardrobe should be on hangers or similar to avoid excessive wrinkling

1st look- a variety crop tops, bustiers and mini skirts of low rise fashion slacks or similar. Otherwise wardrobe with cut-outs
2nd look- Shorts or bodysuits or similar that celebrate model's legs.
3rd look- a variety of street inspired wardrobe. include cut out bodysuit or similar. Include nylons. For more futuristic vibe, color should be silver or metallic
4th look (time allowing) Clothes/not clothes- Variety of non clothing to make coverings for model

Bring accessories, i.e. rings, bracelets etc

Special Instructions for female Model(s)
Model will bring basic model bag that includes:
- makeup kit
- nude & black undergarments (Include tube top or similar for off the shoulder looks and/or body shaping if required)
- brush/comb
- baby wipes
- phone charger
- snacks & bottled water.

Include a variety shoes appropriate for styles shown here i.e. heels (no wedges).
Nails clear or freshly painted and coordinated with wardrobe. Be prepared to have bare feet in the images. 

Moodboard (images not mine and inspiration only)

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