"Portfolio Builder" Shoot with Hector’s Images Photography IG @hectors.images
This shoot will create editorial "vogue" like images to be used for social media and self promotion by creative team.
Mood board below

Tuesday December 6 call time 10 AM

400 Fall Creek Drive, Richardson, TX (studio at Hector’s Images residence)

Tiffany Kuhn IG @tiffanypromakeup

Model will style own wardrobe

Christina Laster IG @x.tinahope

9:45a Hector preps studio
10:00 Christina arrives for makeup and styling
11:00 shoot time in studio (1st look Pant Suit)
11:30 Break/Makeup & Hair touch-up/ wardrobe
12:30 shoot indoors in natural light (2nd look Silk lounge wear)
1:00 Break/Makeup & Hair touch-up/ wardrobe 
1:30 shoot time on location (3rd look Urban trench Coat )
2:30 Image review

Special Instructions for HMUA

Special Instructions for Stylist
Model will act as Stylist. Wardrobe will be model's choice bring 3-4 unique looks.

1st look- Pant suit in light or dark solid colors (not patterns). Oversized ok. May require clamps for fit. Include a bra/lingerie that contrasts model's skin tone

2nd look- Lounge wear. Light color. Silk look preferred. Include fashion heels

3rd look- Trench coat or similar. Include modern street wear for sophisticated urban look

4th look (time allowing)- Black trench coat or duster with fishnet stockings. Include black lingerie and fashion high heel boots or fashion heels.

Include jewelry to accent the image. Include a variety shoes appropriate for styles shown here i.e. black heels (no wedges or chunky)
Take inspiration from the moodboard below

Special Instructions for Model(s)
Model will bring basic model bag that includes:
- makeup kit
- nude & black undergarments (Include tube top or similar for off the shoulder looks and/or body shaping if required)
- brush/comb
- baby wipes
- phone charger
- snacks & bottled water.

Include a variety shoes appropriate for styles shown here i.e. heels (no wedges) , sandals etc.
Nails clear or freshly painted and coordinated with wardrobe. Be prepared to have bare feet in the images. 

Moodboard (not my images, for inspiration only) 

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