“Portfolio Development” Shoot with Hector’s Images Photography IG @hectors.images
This shoot Vogue like fashion images of two different concepts for portfolio development.  The first look will create dramatic portrait with emphasis on smokey eye and messy hair The second look will capture trendy fashion images in an indoor environment.
Tuesday, February 19, 2018, Call time 6pm 
400 Fall Creek Drive, Richardson, TX (studio at Hector’s Images residence)
Model will do own Makeup
Model will bring own wardrobe
Andrea Reiter IG @theandreaofficial
5:45p Hector, begin setup
6:00 Andrea arrives for Makeup/Hair/Styling
7:00 shoot time in studio (1st look -TBD models choice)
7:30 Break/Makeup & Hair touch-up/ wardrobe
8:30 shoot time in studio (2nd look -TBD models choice) 
9:00 Image review
Special Instructions for HMUA
1st look- Smokey eye. Eye shadow must complement Andrea's eyes, pink lip, Hair soft and flowy or slightly frizzy hair
2nd look- Touch ups only.  Pink lip, Hair in a messy bun or high pony.
3rd look. Touch-ups only, hair in an updo (time allowing)
Special Instructions for Stylist
1st look - Summer Dress with bare shoulders
2nd look- Winter look with fitted jacket
3rd look- Tube top for beauty images with Tule fabric (time allowing)
Special Instructions for Model(s)
Model will bring basic model bag with undergarments appropriate for off the shoulder looks. Please include shoes appropriate for looks below. i.e. heels, hats, accessories 
Concept/ Portfolio Development  (Images not mine and for inspiration only)
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